After weeks of irrational worrying and speculation, I agreed to accompany Joe to a birthday party in an undisclosed location a couple hours away from our place of study.  I had only known Joe for a short while before agreeing to travel with him to this supposed eccentric and ludicrous party that he had thoroughly promised, would be the best night of my life so far.

In the haze of my smoky room one night, he confessed.  He spoke of strange and delirious goings on, in a most beautiful and picturesque place where he had lived for a short while previously.  I won’t bother to tell the stories he has from that place as they are not my stories to tell but believe me when I say, they are up there with the most deranged and extraordinary stories you’ll ever be told.  Anyhow it pretty much goes without saying, that I was somewhat excited, yet a little apprehensive about being taken to this mysterious anonymous place that seemed so foreign to me.

Two others were to join us on this curious crusade and they were friends of mine, Floyd and Arthur.  Floyd is a classic stoner in every way, taking a minimum of 5 minutes to find anything in his pocket and rolling the most impeccable and splendid spliffs no matter what environment he finds himself in.  Arthur to, loves a good smoke and can probably smoke more than any of us but he does not possess the stoner characteristics that Floyd so effortlessly dazzles with on a day to day basis.  When we’re all together Arthur stands out like a sore thumb for his style is much different to the likes of Floyd, Joe and I.  Full tracksuit, clean shoes and slick back hair, Arthur takes pride in the way he looks which is something I pretend to do whilst looking like a reasonably well off tramp.  I have much respect for Arthur on the grounds that he appreciates many of the things in life that I do too.

Sleeping bag and ruc-sac packed I was ready to take on whatever was to be thrown at me and with a three hour journey ahead of us, we left just after midday.  Floyd and Arthur in the back seats rolling joints, Joe driving and I, in the passenger seat controlling the soundtrack to our voyage.  The weather was gloomy and the rain was insistent on revealing itself every now and then but nothing could stop us now.  Insanity here we come!